What is the County Central Committee?

The County Central Committee is the board of directors for the county party. The Central Committee is supposed to craft a vision for the county, set a mission, set goals for the party and for officeholders, craft a platform of policies they intend to implement, and disclose the values and beliefs of Republicans in the County. The Party provides infrastructure for Republican candidates and provides venues and literature to help get the word out and helps to get out the vote.

Leadership of the party is to ensure a fair and level playing field for all candidates up to the primary election. The county party should not interfere before the primary election other than to rate candidates and insist upon lively and rigorous debates. County parties should not endorse in contested races. County parties should favor no candidates prior to the primary and all Republican candidates should be invited to all Republican events prior to the primary election.

County Central Committee members are organizers of their precincts. They are responsible for expanding the party and promoting the party in their neighborhood. The County Central Committee should plan a County Republican Convention every two years. County Central Committee members determine the ethics of the local party and are charged with penalizing Republicans that get out of line. The party can use the threat of censure and not endorsing candidates and officeholders to hold them accountable to the party platform.

The County Central Committee is the foundation of the party and if it is poorly constructed you will see a lack of passion for the party.

County Central Committee members are expected to do work by making calls, attend functions, display Republican yard signs in their yard, and even go door to door to deliver literature. County Central Committee may appoint deputy Central Committee members to help with the workload. Members are not allowed by law to delegate all their responsibilities to the executive committee. County Central Committee members have a fiduciary responsibility to the party which entails members to act in the best interest of the party.

What is the ORSCC?

You're not alone if you do not know what the ORSCC (Ohio Republican State Central Committee) is. Unfortunately, over 73% of Ohioans do not understand what the ORSCC is and what it does, and its relationship to the Ohio Republican Party (ORP). This is a failure of Party leaders to educate the public on how party politics work.

The ORSCC compromises 33 men and 33 women - one each for each of Ohio's 33 Senate Districts.

The ORSCC is the board of directors of the ORP - just like the board of directors of a company. If you are a registered Republican, you are a shareholder of the ORP and are entitled to elect a representative to sit on the board of directors. The ORSCC does not run the day-to-day operations of the ORP. Instead, they hire staff to run the day-to-day operations of the ORP. Similarly, a County Central Committee is the board of directors for the County Party. However, unlike the State Party, the County Party elects an executive committee typically from its members that do the bulk of the day-to-day work for the County Party.

  • Plan a State Convention every two years.
  • Develop a Vision, Goals, Priorities, and Platform for the Party to approve at the State Convention.
  • Review and make suggested changes to the bylaws for approval the State Convention.
  • Hire a CEO to manage ORP activities and review their performance.
  • Develop a Quarterly budget for the Party.
  • Develop an organizational chart and Job descriptions with the CEO - for staff members, employees, and contractors.
  • Serve on the Standing Committees of the Central Committee.
  • Provide Candidate Services to Republican candidates - Coordinate with County Parties.
  • Receive and communicate feedback from your district.
  • Identify underperforming county parties and assist with education and party resources.
  • Raise funds for the party.
  • Attend County Central Committee meetings in your district.

What are the Primary Responsibilities of a State Central Committee Member?

How does the ORSCC work?

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) is the codification of laws that govern Ohioans. These laws determine how major and minor parties operate. For example, the ORC calls for the formation of County and State Central Committees. While the law does govern what these political parties can and cannot do - they left the operation of the parties up to themselves. According to Ohio Law, Parties must adopt bylaws that are the legal framework of the parties' procedures. Poorly written bylaws harm the Party and deteriorate confidence in party leadership. If party leaders do not follow the party bylaws, passion and expectations are diminished.

In the heartland of America, where the principles of liberty and democracy are meant to flourish, a shadowy cabal lurks within the halls of the Ohio Republican Party’s State Central Committee. This clandestine group, led by Chairman Alex Triantafilou, has long forsaken the principles of ethics and integrity, sowing discord and mistrust of the party amongst the ranks of everyday Ohio Republicans. The establishment Republicans, led by Triantafilou, preserves a party structure that patriots consider repugnant. The establishment empowers a party boss that use their power to ensure moderate candidates that are friendly to special interests retain power - in effect selling the party to the highest bidder. It is also the reason why the party cannot raise a reasonable amount of funds from everyday Republicans that are not special interest influence peddlers. Ohio’s Republicans are overwhelmingly conservative on most issues - but the Ohio Republican Party is not reflective of the majority because so few Republicans realize the significance of State and County Central Committees. That is the way the establishment likes it! Over 95% of Ohio Republican Party funds come from special interest donations that are $1,000 or more. Whereas campaigns like Donald Trump for President raise more than 50% of their funds from regular everyday Republicans of $200 or less donations.

Reports abound from concerned Republicans across the state, detailing the nefarious machinations of the Ohio Republican Party's leadership team. It's a tale of treachery and betrayal, where dissenting voices within the State Central Committee are met with hostility and sabotage, simply for daring to question the status quo. Difficult discussions are not to be had and any deviation from establishment policies are smeared as illogical numskulls that are so inept at running a party that if listened to the party would be destroyed.

At the heart of this conflict lies a fundamental dichotomy of purpose. On one side, we have the establishment faction, who view the State Central Committee as nothing more than a cheerleading squad for elected representatives, with blind allegiance and unwavering support. Their vision of the party is one devoid of accountability, where raising funds for re-election campaigns takes precedence over upholding the principles and values that Republicans hold dear.

Contrast this with a more conservative and patriotic vision, one championed by a minority of conservative voices within the State Central Committee. To them, the SCC is not a toothless tiger, but a formidable force for accountability and reform. They believe in holding Republican officeholders accountable to the will of Ohio Republicans, demanding adherence to the principles that define our party.

In recent years, we've witnessed a seismic shift in the dynamics of the Ohio Republican Party. Conservatives within the SCC have emerged as champions of reform, pushing back against the establishment's stranglehold on power by shaming them into taking up conservative positions. They've achieved more in the last four years than in the preceding four decades, ushering in a new era of accountability and transparency thanks to those like Jessica Franz, Stephanie Kremer, Chris Maurer, Joe Miller, Lauren Bowen, and Mike Witte.

One of the most significant issues that the SCC has faced is the Blue 22, a group of 22 members who have aligned themselves with Democrats. This group, led by Speaker Stephens, has caused the Ohio General Assembly to become incredibly lethargic and ineffective, setting a new low bar for getting things done. Fewer bills have made it out of Committee since the Eisenhower administration under the Blue 22 Regime. For those that don’t know - The Speaker of the House picks the Chairmen of the committees and he almost exclusively appointed Blue 22 members to those positions. This has either kept conservative legislation from passing or it has been slow-walked and watered down.

The Blue 22 have been able to act with impunity, even in the face of scandal, due to establishment types wanting the SCC to just be cheerleaders. For example, when the unanimous Democrat caucus with the Blue 22 elected the Stephens as the Speaker of the Ohio House, the conservative Republican SCC members called foul and called for real discipline, but the establishment SCC chose to take a toothless tiger approach, giving the Blue 22 a mere tongue lashing instead of ensuring that Chairman Stephens and his Democrat sympathizing cohorts would not receive Republican donations from the Ohio House Republican Alliance. Had the establishment members treated the breach of trust for what it was and listened to the conservatives - that wanted to ensure that the Blue 22 did not receive Republican funds and that Speaker Stephens did not control the Ohio House Republican Alliance (OHRA) funds - the misappropriation theft of Stephens in excess of $3 million dollars in (OHRA) Republican donations would not have been used to support the Blue 22 candidates. SCC member Josh Brown championed the toothless tiger approach as did Chairman Alex Triantafilou. Now Josh is calling for Alex to take over the OHRA fund because of the despicable campaigns that Stephens has run. Most Republicans trust their Chairman no more than they trust Stephens. Additionally, the premise is flawed and will likely result in a very costly lawsuit cost hundred of thousands - if not millions of Republican donors dollars - instead of just disaffiliating the blue 22 and throwing them out of the party and make them run as unaffiliated candidates. Josh Brown is intentionally leading an effort to take away Stephen’s control of OHRA that will occur purposefully too late to prevent the Blue 22 using millions in OHRA funds to make it past the primary.

The establishment's actions have led to a lack of trust and confidence in the party. Many conservatives believe that the establishment is tearing the party apart, prioritizing their own interests over those of the party and its members.

The Ohio Republican establishment is tearing the party apart. They oppose a closed primary because their candidates win only in an open primary where independents and democrats get to pick their candidates. That was no more apparent than in the last Gubernatorial primary where nearly 200,000 Democrats, with a long history of being Democrats, pulled a Republican ballot for the first half of a split primary to vote for moderate Mike DeWine, and then returned to being a Republican to vote for their state legislator for the second half of the split primary. Poll after poll of Registered Republicans show that Mike DeWine could not win an election among Republicans. In fact, in Lorain County, it is doubtful Governor DeWine could win against Democrat Representative Joe Miller in a Republican primary contest as many Republicans consider Rep Miller more conservative.

The establishment's use of party resources to support their preferred candidates, without the approval of the SCC, is another example of their unethical behavior. The use of liaisons to make calls on behalf of conservative incumbent SCC members opponents, and the use of identical messaging in texts and emails, are evidence of this. Millionaire Dave Johnson - former disgraced treasurer of the Ohio Republican Party and RNC committeeman Billionaire Jim Dicke are rumored to have spent over $350,000 to try to exterminate the conservative contingent from the SCC.

The Ohio Republican Party's Supermajorities in the Ohio House and Senate and holding all State officer's positions has not stopped Ohio from becoming an abortion on-demand State, sacrificing parental rights, expanding wokeism in its schools through SEL (Social Emotional Learning), and recreational marijuana legalization. Conservatives watched in awe as the establishment purposefully tanked the right-to-life efforts by trying to make the citizens ballot initiative essentially defunct by making it nearly impossible to submit citizen-led initiatives to change the Ohio Constitution.

The mask came off for a lot of those conservatives that have been sitting on the fence about the duplicitous and unethical nature of the establishment Republicans in the Republican Party. Establishment Republicans are now using the liaisons that party provides to its elected officials that are not running for office to make calls on behalf of the Conservative incumbent SCC members opponents. When the Chairman of the Party was confronted and asked for assurances that this was not happening - the chairman chose to not answer the question and brushed off all accusations without addressing them directly.

The SCC is supposed to be the standard bearer of the principles and values that Republicans expect in their politics. They do not expect unholy unions with leftists, socialists, Democrats. The SCC is supposed to be a representative body that is the board of directors of the Republican Party representing the will of Ohio Republicans. The SCC is supposed to define the party and the standards to which candidates shall adhere too. Even in this effort, rather than draft a meaningful platform of legislative objectives - establishment figures fought for a toothless mantra of rhetoric and platitudes already present in the Republican National Committee Platform. Whereas the establishment holds that the party should and the SCC should remain a toothless tiger and be malleable enough to accept Democrat control of millions of dollars of Republican donations and the election of Democrat preferred candidates - the conservatives hold to their principles and want to hold its candidates and officeholders feet to the fire.

The duplicitous and unethical nature of the Ohio Republican Party's State Central Committee leadership team has led to a lack of trust and confidence in the party. The establishment's actions have resulted in a divided party that is unable to effectively represent the will of its members. It's time for the SCC to prioritize the interests of the party and its members, and to take action to restore trust and confidence in the Ohio Republican Party..

Under the Blue 22's lackluster leadership, the Ohio Republican Party has stumbled, failing to deliver on its promises to the people of Ohio. Supermajorities in the legislature have proven ineffective in stopping the tide of progressive policies, as the establishment prioritizes the political interests of the Blue 22 over any admission that conservatives were right.

The time has come for Ohio Republicans to rise up and reclaim their party from the clutches of the establishment elite. We must demand accountability, transparency, and unwavering fidelity to the principles that define us as Republicans. The future of our party and our state hangs in the balance, and it's up to us to ensure that the torch of liberty burns bright for generations to come.

Chairman Alex Triantafilou has not been the new Sheriff in town that he promised to be, he has not allowed conservative voices to be heard and considered. He and the other establishment figures on the Central Committee could not bear the shame that conservatives exposed them too and have decided it is time for the conservatives to go. Chairman Triantafilou has failed Ohio Republicans in almost every conceivable way and Ohioans should demand that leadership change during the next organizational meeting that should take place in April to elect a conservative Chairman.

Unveiling the Duplicitous Nature of Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Leadership