The Ohio Republican State Central Committee (ORSCC)

The ORSCC is the board of directors for the Ohio Republican Party. The organization is composed of thirty-three men and thirty-three women that are popularly elected every two years at the primary election in even-numbered years. The ORSCC are responsible for the leadership of the Ohio Republican Party.

Just think of how much better the Ohio Republican Party can weather the fight against liberals...

....if we put aside pettiness, and have difficult discussions. When we focus on accomplishing the goals of a common PLATFORM.....

What would take years, could be accomplished in weeks when we all work together. Laying out a mission, a vision, a platform, and goals allows the party to be more effective and helps everyone work together.

We must ask why the ORP, State and County parties are not winning in the battle against liberalism.

Political Teamwork is held together by a Political Platform!

If we are to truly win - we all need to work together! There is strength in numbers. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 "Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up." The Ohio Republican party has a crisis of inner turmoil on its hands because of a lack of sound leadership. We are not lifting one another up. The party is not working together as well as it should.

Ohio Republicans have leadership councils known as the State and County Central Committees. It is solely the councils' responsibility to develop or support policies that make Ohio a better place to live. The policies are always manifested in the form of a political platform and they are goals that all Republicans should have a role in helping to realize. Whether it is talking to your neighbors about the benefits of Republican policies, recruiting independents to the party, or volunteering for a campaign - if you are a Republican, you are expected to do your part.

Political teamwork is formed when there is a plan to work together. Just as Generals at war have a battle plan, Republicans need to have a battle plan to fight the Democrats and their onslaught of policies designed to make us a socialist state. A Republican platform provides tangible goals for Republicans to fight for. This is why it is so important that the State and County Central Committees develop platforms. Imagine the amount of confusion and inner turmoil that could be had if there was no battle plan during a battle. It is likely that the battle would never be won. Then imagine how hard the soldiers would fight for victory if they were uncertain what they were fighting for or did not trust their Generals. This is why it is so utterly disappointing that the Ohio Republican party has not adopted a state platform in years.

Critics will point to the success of winning for the Ohio Republican Party to discount the need for teamwork. We will always ask, are we truly winning if we are not moving policies down the political field that make Ohio a better place to live? Ohio has moved on the political spectrum towards a more socialist state over the last 40 years than it has towards freedom and prosperity. Even more unfortunate, Republicans have led the charge.

Ohio is Central to the Nation's Opioid Epidemic and now has the Nation's largest increase in methamphetamine overdose deaths

From 2012 to 2022 there has been a 305% increase in methamphetamine seizures. The biggest acceleration of deaths from methamphetamines has been since 2018 and unlike opioids, narcan doesn't work on those overdosing on methamphetamines. While Ohio's overdose death rate for opioids has been pegged at being #1 or #2 in the country - DEA officials put Ohio well ahead of other opioid states in its increase in overdose deaths from methamphetamine. If there is one obvious truism about Ohio, it's that it has wholly mismanaged the fight against illicit drugs in Ohio.

Ohio may well reduce its opioid overdose deaths by replacing those deaths with methamphetamine deaths

Ohioans were assured by Governor John Kasich that casino gaming would not increase drug use or human trafficking in Ohio. Yet, we can correlate increased human trafficking and drug use with an expansion of state-sponsored gaming in Ohio.

Most famously, Governor John Kasich supported Joe Biden over Donald Trump for president and supported the expansion of Obamacare through Medicaid for Ohioans. Most forget that Kasich rallied for Casino gaming in Ohio and an expansion of the lottery commission. He sold the move to casino gaming on the premise that Ohioans would not see their property taxes rise and not see any school levies on the ballot for the foreseeable future. Kasich also assured Churches and spiritual leaders that human trafficking and drug use would not proliferate in Ohio's communities.

Everything that Governor Kasich promised would not happen has come to pass.

Ohio's property taxes are spiraling out of control. School tax levies are as aggressively pursued as ever. And Ohio's prostitution and human trafficking are as out-of-control as Ohio's drug problem. It is estimated that Ohio is leading the nation per capita in prostitution and human trafficking in 2022. We'll have to wait 2 more years for a study to confirm the reality that Ohio has become a cesspool for crime and abhorrent behavior.

Governor DeWine did not send the right message to rioters - of doing nothing - when they attacked the Ohio Statehouse. As violent crime in Ohio spirals out-of-control our Governor and Attorney General praise fewer criminals being in jail.

It's no secret to Ohioans that violent crime is spiraling out-of-control. Whether it is Appalachia, rural Ohio communities, or urban centers - we've seen either horrendous policies of supposed compassion - or no focus in reigning in violent crime. Ohio is becoming an exceedingly more dangerous place to live. As Republicans placate reverse discrimination advocates in all facets of our lives - people are leaving Ohio at record rates.

In 2020, after years of Ohio's growth failing to keep pace with the rest of the nation, Ohio lost yet another seat in Congress. Since the 1970s Ohio has lost 9 Congressmen due to population loss.

Ohio's Republican Party has had plenty of time and plenty of political clout to turn Ohio around - and yet every Ohio legislator has their own pet project they are working on - rather than working together on a program to turn Ohio around.

While Ohio was shut down, Ohio's abortion clinics were open for business - Ohio was only one of three states that saw an increase in abortions during the pandemic. Child sex trafficking, child porn, and pedophilia are all on the rise in Ohio. Additionally, our children are under assault with liberal policies being promulgated to indoctrinate Ohio Children into liberal wokeness in their schools.

Ohio's children are in danger. No longer are neighborhoods safe for children to play. We've even elected judges that do not want to provide bail based on a suspect's potential danger to the community. We do not have proper deterrents to push back against activist teachers spreading hate and sexualizing Ohio children at a young age. The Republican party has spent years advocating that the party stay out of school board races. Registered Republicans across the state are now coming to terms with this four decades old party policy that has allowed liberals to solidly gain control of Ohio's schools turning them into indoctrination centers.

Where are the State and County Committees to address this problem?


The largest Scandal in Ohio History

The Ohio State Teacher's Retirement fund Scandal will be larger and hurt Ohioans more

Ohio has been known as a pay-to-play state for many years. What are Republicans doing to break this culture? How many scandals must persist until we take a stand? Did you know a large portion of Ohio's opioid settlement money 55% ($404 million) was shifted to a private non-profit organization? Equally as questionable, Ohio has lost and misspent about a $ half a billion in the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System - with no independent audit in sight.

These are not trivial problems that the State has under Republican leadership. Moral and ethical conduct has been lacking in Ohio leadership for decades.


With a supermajority in the Ohio House and Senate and holding all statewide offices - Ohio Republican officeholders chose the way of Cuomo instead of DeSantis

Republicans oversaw the suspension of due process and arbitrarily put the largest amount of small businesses in Ohio's History out of business.

While Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Governor Kristi Noem pushed back against liberal COVID-19 policies, the State of Ohio followed other Democrat leaders like New York's Governor Cuomo in introducing policies based on fear that harmed a record amount of Ohio families. Ohio's Republican administration sought to shutdown Churches while leaving abortion clinics open as "essential" businesses.

In any sense of the imagination, Ohio Republicans did not handle the pandemic in a conservative manner nor Republican manner. Ohio officeholders gleefully traded Ohioans' freedom for the veil of safety and security from a virus that we have no proof of the measures put in place if they ever materialized any mitigating effectiveness.


Ohio is ranked 43rd out of 50 states for its overall taxation.

While States like Florida are more than 20% less than the national average for overall State taxes, Ohio is 20% more than the national average.

The Republican party at one point stood for low taxes and more freedom. Ohio's spending under Republicans is out-of-control. Unfortunately, being pennywise is not their moniker. Making things worse, Ohioans' median income has declined each year since 2019. Even during the pandemic - Ohio's rainy day fund was not tapped - the end result was maximized economic pain that Ohioans suffered.


In 2020 Ohio was ranked 3rd in the nation for the complexity of its laws.

Experts now believe, in 2022, that Ohio has surpassed New York in becoming the second most regulated state in the union.

Economic Dynamism (based predominantly on business Startups) is way down in Ohio.

Americans are not creating new businesses at the rate that they once did. This is severely impacting the robustness of the economy.

Ohio rebounds more slowly than other States from an economic calamity and its businesses are among the first to fail.

While the Government and government employees are doing great - we did not use Ohio's BSF (rainy day fund) to provide relief to Ohio's small businesses during the COVID-19 down-turn.

According to the Economic Innovation Group there are 20,000 less businesses in Ohio in 2022 than there were in 1992.

Ohio's Conservative Republicans are left Shaking their Heads

Ohio does not look like a Republican state. Ohio looks more like a Democrat-run State with all the Democrat-run problems you would expect a state to face.

While the Republican party has dominated Ohio politics since the 1980s, Ohio has not achieved many of the policy objectives you would expect a Republican-dominated state to have by now. Ohio is becoming a Socialist utopia under Republicans' watch.

  • Ohio is a very high-taxation state with a low median income.

  • Ohio is a highly regulated state with an abnormally high amount of laws.

  • Ohio's violent crime rate is on an upswing while the Governor and Attorney General are trumpeting to Black Lives Matter groups that they are putting fewer criminals in prison.

  • People are leaving Ohio for Southern States due to opportunity and a better tax climate.

  • Ohio lost another Congressional District in 2020 due to a lack of sufficient population growth.

  • Ohio took a gamble on Casino gaming and lost - it's not supporting schools nor reducing property tax increases.

  • Ohio is prostituting its women and Children at record levels.

  • The legalization of medical marijuana has not reduced drug overdose deaths.

  • A record number of Ohio's youth are dying from drug overdoses.

  • Ohio's schools are under attack by the liberal progressive movement and they are winning.

The Prosperity of Ohio is Dependent upon the Reform of the State Central Committee into a more Engaging and Responsive Organization that holds its Politicians Accountable.

The Leadership running Ohio must devise specific solutions to Ohio's most pressing problems

If we want to return to more traditional American values, Ohioans are going to have to fight to reform their political parties. Currently, special interests run the State Central Committee - not Registered Republicans.

As much as we would like to bury our heads in the sand and promote our victories, Ohio is not winning when we don't have a platform of solutions with which to hold our politicians accountable. To be perfectly clear Democrats do not provide any solution - and while Republican policies and values are better - there exists no Republican leadership.

Ronald Reagan said it best. "We are the driver of the car and the car is the government." If we don't pay attention to where we are going - the government will let us wreck. Ohio's once great economic engines of growth have shut down and the revitalization of the State will not come without the revitalization of small business. When we lower taxes, fight crime, and make communities safe - more Ohioans pursue the American dream. Putting all our hopes and dreams into a very liberal corporation like Intel is putting all our eggs into one basket and increasing the divide between rich and poor.

Ohio's leader is not supposed to be the Governor. It is supposed to be the leadership council (in this case the Ohio Republican State Central Committee) that tells the Ohio governor where we want the car to go. This leadership council is also supposed to bring its leadership to bear on the Ohio legislature and hold it accountable for achieving platform goals.

Ohio needs to rediscover its values, its common sense, and its leadership. Common sense tells us when you tax the people with a high tax rate they produce less. When Reagan reduced taxes and demanded greater government efficiency - he unleashed immense prosperity and wealth. The economy grew like a plant that had been cut back and could grow quicker and stronger. Ohio's economy is not booming and its politicians are hailing the revitalization of big business by giving away the keys to the kingdom. When small businesses boom economically we see that real family income increases, the poverty rate drops, and entrepreneurship dramatically increases along with an explosion in research and new technology. When policies are put into place for small businesses to succeed America becomes more competitive.

We the people tell the government what to do. If your State Central Committee representatives are consulting a legislator on an issue, they have forgotten who drives the car. The way we tell the government what to do is through their leadership council (the state centralcommittee and county central committees) and by setting goals based on a platform of solutions.



The Leadership running Ohio must devise specific solutions to Ohio's most pressing problems

“For Ohio to prosper there must be a sea change shift in how the board of directors of the ORP views its role in the relationship between the people, politicians, and prosperity

- Jessica Franz