Is this organization a "Dark Money" organization?


Is this organization trying to destroy the Ohio Republican Party?

Absolutely not. We have made a list of reforms that we believe will make the party more ethical, honest, and transparent. If you have a problem with ethics, honesty, and transparency - then yes, you will have a problem with us.

Are you working with any current State Central Committee Members?

We are in contact with many members on the State Central Committee - some like us and some despise use - but at least we are open honest and transparent. We have never hidden our agenda. We have been attacked by party leaders for wanting a code of ethics for the party, for wanting whistleblower policy protections, and for wanting the bylaws followed. We feel this is the way professional organizations are run.

Do you want to replace the Republican State Central Committee with a State Convention?

We have never advocated replacing the State Central Committee with a State Convention. We do advocate for a State Convention in addition to the State Central Committee. We feel a State Convention helps to reduce the tendency for the establishment to walk all over those more in tuned with their constituents. If peer pressure starts to gain a foothold and the ORP chair becomes a tyrant - the State convention can remedy that situation.

Is Jon Morrow a part of this organization?

Jon Morrow is an advisor to this organization.

Why is this organization pursuing a coordinated effort to make the ORP more Conservative?

Coordinated efforts work well. The ORP puts out slate cards to tell you whom to vote for - but their slates never tell you what they will do if elected. We believe that people value and respect honesty and transparency - so we are being honest and transparent. Our coordination goes much further than the ORP - we are helping to coordinate the implementation of conservative policies.

Why do you feel that this organization is the sole arbiter of Conservatism?

We do not believe we are the arbiters of conservatism. What we stand for is the reform of a party that refuses to define itself, reform itself when in trouble, and is afraid to communicate and engage with constituents. When State Central Committee members do have an idea that is contrary to the opinions of the chairman they are silenced with retaliation. We feel that this behavior is more indicative of Vladimir Putin and XiJingPing that with American values, principles, and sensibilities. We feel if a chairman will go to these lengths - it sets the tone and atmosphere for the party.

Do you feel current State Central Committee members should support your efforts?

Absolutely! Many members fear retribution and retaliation from chairman Paduchik for any type of agreement or association with our organization. They have every indication that they will be retaliated against if they do not agree with the chairman. We have done nothing wrong as an organization that has recognized the shortcomings of the party. When everyone was jumping off the roof - we used our head and said no. There is a tremendous amount of peer pressure on the State Central Committee to do the wrong thing and not lead by example and to not do the right thing when no one is watching. If we expect our candidates and officeholders to be courageous - we need courageous individuals to stand up to the peer pressure on the State Central Committee.

ORP Chairman Paduchik vows to protect the ORP from your organization.

We are not a scary organization and have done nothing wrong. Making a party more accountable and engaging with its constituents should be embraced - not admonished. Living by the bylaws and demanding ethical behavior is what the chairman is protecting you from. If you review this website and disagree with a majority of it - we don't want you on the State Central Committee. We do not believe any reform in the "Promise to Ohio" is an extreme pledge.

We don't think much of the current State Central Committee groupthink/peer pressure. Many on the State Central Committee endorsed John Kasich for President when it was clearly a mistake - the committee was and is clearly out of touch with Republican constituents. Kasich went on to support the DNC efforts to stop Donald Trump's re-election

In 2018, many committee members Endorsed Mike DeWine who pursued Cuomo/Fauci strategies in dealing with the pandemic, appointed abortion activist Amy Acton as his health department lead, appointed Ohio State Board of education members that support Common Core, Social Emotional Learning, and Critical Race Theory, and pushed for transgendered females (biological males) to compete with biological females.DeWine raised taxes upon taking office giving us a large gas tax hike. DeWine has not been transparent with pandemic data and sided with BLM and ANTIFA in characterizing Ohio as systemically racist. While DeWine was seeking tighter gun control laws, the BLM/ANTIFA riots happened and the Governor allowed the Statehouse to be ransacked while being disgusted with the protestors at the January 6th incident at the Capitol building. The legislature in order to stop him had to pass a law and then override his veto. Now Chairman Paduchik, who has worked for the Governor in the past is championing the governor again to wipe out any chance that primary opponent may have. CHAIRMAN PADUCHIK IS DEFENDING THE SWAMP AND EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE ORP.