Ohio is doing so poorly because the Republican Party is in need of reform.

It is time to quit asking and start Demanding

  • Party Events and Candidate Development:

    • Commitment to a County Republican Convention every two years.

    • Commitment to a Republican Rally in off years to showcase and cultivate candidates for local, county, and state offices.

    • Commitment to advocating for a State Republican Convention every two years.

  • Government Coordination and Accountability:

    • Commitment to opposing all regional government coordinating agencies and non-profits that do not provide for the popular election or popular recall of their officers.

  • Platform and Values:

    • Commitment to developing a County-based platform of Republican solutions to the County’s most pressing problems. This will serve as direction to State, County, and Municipal officeholders.

    • Commitment to developing a platform of Republican values.

    • Commitment to developing a platform of Republican beliefs.

  • School Board Engagement:

    • Commitment to creating a school board committee.

    • Commitment to developing a pledge for School Board Members.

    • Commitment to establishing an unbiased and transparent method for vetting school board members.

  • Committee on UnAmerican Activities:

    • Commitment to the creation of a Committee on unAmerican activities to combat woke ideologies and creeping socialism.

  • Meeting Procedures:

    • Commitment to adopt debate procedures instead of Robert's Rules of Order for regular meetings.

    • Commitment to at least 12 regular monthly meetings for the Central Committee. At least 4 in-person meetings.

  • Conflict Resolution and Grievances:

    • Commitment to a third party (arbitration) resolving grievances between members of the Central Committee and leadership.

  • Candidate Endorsements and Evaluation:

    • Commitment to making no endorsements before the primary, but reserving the right to rate candidates to an objective, unbiased, and transparent standard.

    • Commitment to making no endorsements in the General Election for candidates that do not debate their opponents in the primary.

  • Community Engagement and Outreach:

    • Commitment to developing worship partners within the community.

    • Commitment to establishing an evangelical outreach program.

    • Commitment to making email addresses and phone numbers of Central and Executive committees available.

    • Commitment to making all meetings open to the public or to all registered Republicans.

    • Commitment to live or roll call voting - where each member’s vote is recorded for posterity.

  • Bylaws and Penalties:

    • Commitment to the creation of penalties within the bylaws of the Central Committee for those who break the bylaws.

    • Commitment to holding spending by the chairman to an approved quarterly budget.

    • Commitment to fund accounting record keeping through Aplos.com or equivalent fund accounting program.

    • Commitment to review of the Party's books by any member within 14 days of a request.

The County Central Committee Pledge

As a candidate for the Republican County Central Committee, I pledge to advocate for and actively work towards implementing the following changes within the county party. My goal is to create a dynamic and engaged party that operates year-round and fosters trust and pride among all Republicans.