If we want Republicans to be more active and engaged the State Central Committee needs to meet in a venue conducive to engagement. The current venue costs $8,000 per meeting. The atrium at the Statehouse is much cheaper, much more prestigious, and has much more room. To be more active the party should meet once a month. Four meetings on Monday at the Statehouse, four meetings on Saturday at the Statehouse, and four teleconference meetings.

We should encourage the attendance of Republicans at the State Central Committee meeting and not dissuade it. We need a large enough venue so we can accommodate interested Republicans and the media. We should invite Ideastream to professionally record and broadcast our proceedings (they do this for the Statehouse for the House and Senate). Security is very good at the State house and it would be easy to remove troublemakers.

Complete Transparency

We expect complete transparency from our elected official and from our party leaders!

Constituents want to know how their party leaders voted on the issues brought before the State Central Committee. A professional organization with nothing to hide does not obscure how its members vote...

An Ohio Republican Jamboree

Getting all of our County Central Committee members together in one place once a year is a good idea. Secure polling can take place so candidates can have an accurate mood of registered Republicans. Those Counties that are vibrant and expanding can help share ideas with those counties that are stagnant. Speakers can be invited in to get the crowds morale pumped up. Awards and recognition can be given to the grassroots workers doing the most. A Republican hall of fame can be established. A Jamboree is a prelude to a State Republican Convention and is a way to judge the pulse of the Republican electorate of how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with the direction of the Republican Party. The Jamboree is a fundraising event and the intent should be on raising money from multiple income streams. The Bricker Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds only costs $5,000 per day to rent. If the Jamboree is in July then the results can be used by candidates to better resonate with Republicans and polish up their messaging. Central Committee Members and elected Republican Officials throughout Ohio should be invited.

A State Convention

A State Convention is needed to change Ohioan's perception of its State Committee being controlled by special interests. The JoAnn Davidson theater in the Vern Riffe Building is the perfect location to have a State Convention. It has the gravitas and seating area to accommodate such an event. Republicans need to be assured that they are in the driver's seat. A State Convention allows the counties to have a say in the direction of their party and to make changes if necessary. No professionally run organization that is not wholly dependent on special interests should embrace having a State Convention.

Faith-Based Initiatives

The Republican Party was formed predominantly by those espousing the Christian faith upon the concept that no man should make another man a slave. Biblical principles formed the Republican party and today Christianity, God, and Religion are paid lip service by the party.

It is past time that we revive the party, revive its faith, and revive its ethics and morals. We'll never build that shining city on a hill if we do not have a good foundation.

Lastly, we should encourage spiritual advisors for all committees to help give guidance and make certain that we stay on God's path in our pursuit of a better government and policy.

"If God is with us then there is no way we can't win"